Infrastructure and Technology

VIVION S.A. is an internacional leading company in the regional market of electrical material. It designs, manufactures and exports a wide variety of electrical materials for low voltage household.

VIVION  Home Automation offer cutting edge control technology in order to contribute to users' best quality of life, their security and the optimization of home energy savings (Domotics). Moreover, they streamline the management processes of commercial buildings, business, hotels, hospitals, among others (Inmotics).

Home automation provides intelligent control of blinds, air conditioning, security alarms, irrigation, household appliances and any other devices, by tailoring their programme according to users' needs.

The wide range of VIVION Lighting products includes LED lamps of cutting edge electronics so as to offer maximum lightning with minimum electircal consumption and major environmental care. This novel lighting technology, which saves 80% of what an incandescent light bulb would consume, has clearly demonstrated it is environmentally friendly throughout its complete life cycle, since the very beginning when raw material es extracted, then during the manufacturing process, up to their final disposal.

Our present naturally derives from technology and infrastructure continuous improvement.

Technology and infrastructure to improve day by day makes this possible.


Since 2009 VIVION's commercial activities and plant are located at its headquarters on the corner of Ejido and La Paz streets, in Montevideo.


Manufacturing electrical materials for the whole world requires the efficient administration of three warehouses as well as an intelligent management of the supply chain, in order to have optimun stock levels to rapidly meet our customers' needs.


Since 1945, continuous improvement on the design and production of the electrical materials which are exported worldwide, have led the company to centralize the manufacture of strategic products in its plant and to strengthen the skills of local sub-contractors in order to count on sturdy outsourcing support. VIVION's plant consists of three sectors: Plastics, Metals and Mounting. Together with Supply, Distribution and Administration they are the core structure of the business' logistics.

Product Research and Development

VIVION can meet any markets' needs by modifying its products or developing new products and adapting their characteristics to the new market. A qualified team of engineers and industrial designers, using CAD / CAM software and laser prototypation, prototype and test new products so that they comply with the safety standards and product specifications which have been defined as a result of a thorough reserch into the market's needs.


VIVION designs and manufactures tools in order to be able to materialize its innovative designs of electrical materials into functional and attractive products for low voltage household and commercial networks. The professionals working at our advanced center of mechanization, one of its kind in Uruguay, pioneered the incorporation of technologies such as electroerosion and CNC mechanization to CAD/CAM designs.


VIVION has laboratories which have been specially equipped to control production throughout and to validate the develpment of new products, before they are sent to certifying organizations.